Augmented Human Lab studies 'Human-Intelligence Interactions' beyond 'Human-Computer Interactions'. The goal is to design a system to utilize intelligent systems from a human point of view, with the development of new perspectives of user experience, business and service through expansion of human physical, intellectual and social abilities using intelligent systems such as autonomous vehicles and robots.

Area of Interest

Autonomous Car

Conversational Model

Human-Robot Interaction

Fintech UX


Admissions Requirements

Augmented Human Lab studies the interaction between humans and intelligent systems beyond human-computer interaction.
Anyone interested in the development of intelligent systems such as autonomous vehicles, voice UX, robots, and new perspectives of user experience, business and services are welcome.
We expect talents from various fields to come together to create higher value, and we do not place restrictions on applicants' undergraduate majors.


TED recruits new students after submitting documents and conducting face-to-face screening twice a year.
For detailed information on the application period and procedure, please refer to the announcement and Admission TED website.
In addition, the Department of Smart Experience Design holds an annual admissions presentation for applicants. We provide detailed introductions to each lab and one-on-one consultation with a dedicated professor to provide information on labs and advancement.

Contact to Prof. JeongYun Heo